Teeter Hang Ups inversion system is perfect for those individuals who are suffering from back pain and is a useful preventative measure for back pain.

Teeter Hang Ups Inversion System: What is it?

Teeter Hang ups Inversion system is essentially a therapeutic table that offers wonderful results. Reports have demonstrated that millions of people have been relieved from back pain by simply using the teeter hang ups, inversion table.

What you get in the kit is the inversion table, a how-to guide on stretching and exercising, informational DVDs and an optional email newsletter.

The primary tool in the system or kit is the inversion table. It is used for therapeutic stretching. Your body is parallel with the force of gravity. During the process, you spine is elongated and the space between the vertebrae is increased. As a result the pressure on ligaments, discs and nerves are relieved. When you have less pressure, your back pain decreases or goes away. Another welcome effect is you have less headaches as well.


During therapy sessions, using the Teeter Hang Ups, inversion table the spine is decompressed, the body is relaxed, blood flows much better and the vital systems in your body function a lot better. There are many other added benefits as well such as:
  •  Decrease in back pain
  •  Helps to prevent future back pains
  •  Increases spaces between the discs, re-hydrates discs
  •  Nerve pressure is drastically reduced
  •  Circulation is increased
  •  The spine is aligned correctly after a few sessions
  •  Therapeutic benefits for the organ systems
  •  Tense muscles are relaxed
  •  Joint function and flexibility improves
  •  Move better
  •  Aches and pains can easily be targeted
  •  Overall better health with regular therapy sessions

Just before beginning the therapy sessions, the individual will set their height and fasten their ankles into the secure settings. The degrees of inversion that you can start with is 20 degrees. Advanced stretchers can go as far as a full 90 degrees.

The Teeter Hang Ups system is made with patented Flex Technology. Do not concern yourself with assembly, which can bring on back pain, the system comes 85 percent assembled. Short on space? It can be folded up for easy storage.

The Teeter Hang Ups, Inversion table comes with a five-year warranty and is very safe to use. Passed UL standards for safety.

How Good Is The Quality

In order to get a UL stamp of approval, products must go through rigorous safety and quality testing. Again, the Teeter Hang Ups System has successfully exceeded those standards. In addition, there are several other features that make this a quality system that will provide you not only the results you seek but you will have for a long time.

Flex Technology provides an excellent range of motion by allowing the "table" or "bed" to move. It also comes with a pillow for your head for comfort and to prevent additional strains. This product is crafted from high quality materials that will resist tears and stains.

The table is made of triple-plated chrome and dense steel walls that will ensure that you are provided with well-controlled rotation for a lifetime. Resists rusting and corrosion due to the steel being heat-treated.

The system is user-friendly. This system takes the guess work out of using an inversion table. Marked in such a way that you know how to use it immediately.

The A-frame is designed with a wide base that dramatically increases the safety level for the user. Prevents sliding on hard surfaces and floors. When you purchase the Teeter Hang Ups, inversion table, you are guaranteed quality and peace of mind.

You know that you have a product that offers the results that you are looking for, at a fantastic price and the design specifications definitely had the user in mind.

Each component of the Teeter Hang Ups system goes through a thorough inspection. Customer satisfaction and safety is the number one goal of the company. When you purchase an inversion table from Teeter you are purchasing a name you can trust.

Just How User-Friendly Is Teeter Hang Ups?

Customer reviews of current users show that all you have to do is set it, lock it and start using it. It is just that easy. Once you are locked into position and being angling and stretching you will feel immediate results. It is the perfect balance of ease and function. In addition, you have full control of the inversion process through a process called Perfect Stretching.

Product Highlights
  •  Ease of Use
  •  Safe and reliable
  •  Comfortable
  •  Exceeds product safety guidelines
  •  Save money on medical bills
  •  Easy to store when you are not using it
  •  Provides real results in real time. Do not have to wait for a pill to kick-in.
  •  Reduces the need for surgical procedures
  •  Perfect for everyday use
  •  Helps to improve patient recovery
  •  Increases overall health

The Results Are In!

If you want to improve not just your health but the health of your family, the Teeter Hang Ups, Inversion table is a great means to accomplish that. When used with a combination of doctor-approved exercises the user sees increased health benefits.

With a current rating of 10 stars, if you are suffering from back pain, the inversion table can help a great deal! Plus, there is a 30 day in home trial, so there is nothing to lose!

(Disclaimer- This site has no affiliation with Teeter and we are not an authorized distributor or dealer. Any question what so ever please contact the Teeter at teeter-inversion.com)
Teeter Hang Ups- World's Best Inversion Table
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